The following guide is based upon ordering a shed. It also works for ordering our summerhouses, log stores, outside office space buildings, gymnasiums and not forgetting your favourite friends kennel​!

Here's a few things to consider when ordering....


There are two types of roof designs.
An apex roof has the traditional two sloping panels coming to a point in the centre, offering the maximum headroom.
The pent roof slopes at a customisable angle from back to front and is recommended for use in tight spaces


The standard cladding that we use (the shed panel composite) is tongue and groove. We can also provide a loglap cladding which gives the traditional log cabin appearance. Let us know if you require your shed to come to you treated or not.


Your shed will come with up to two windows within the price quoted. Extra windows are available to order. Our standard windows are non opening but we can supply opening windows for you too. Have a think where you would like these positioning (see the video clip at the bottom of the page)


The door is usually positioned at the narrow front end of a shed. This is totally flexible however. The choice is yours. Our guide below video demonstrates your options.

The next stage....

Get your thoughts down on paper....

Simply sketch a rough design showing the width and length dimensions (in feet and inches preferably) along with door and window positions. Don’t worry about it being a work of art – our traditional style joiners work better with simple basic drawings.

The easiest way to get this drawing to us is to simply take a picture of your sketch using your smartphone. You can then either submit it on the form at the bottom of this page or email it to us. Alternatively, drop by our workshop with your design.
Finally, complete our simple multiple choice style order form (no personal information such as your address or payment details are needed at this point). We will then get back to you to confirm the price, give you lead time and organise payment (a 25% deposit is required to confirm the order, the balance payable upon installation).

" I sent a simple drawing with a few dimensions and had it made perfectly as I wanted it. Good quality materials and workmanship throughout".

Dean Lathan
Summerhouse, 2021

Preparation is everything....

Your Current Shed

Unfortunately we can not remove your old shed during peak times (March – October) but can offer this service in less busier periods.

Your Base

The base for your build is often overlooked or side stepped. Understandable in some ways as once a shed or summerhouse is in place on the base it never gets seen.

Not to be confused with the floor or base of your actual shed or summerhouse comes with as part of the build, the base that we’re talking about here refers to the surface that the build sits on.

Have a look below for more information on this important aspect of your purchase which applies whether you buy from us or any other supplier.

While we don’t provide a base building service, we can offer advice.

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