Our customers use their summerhouses for many different things. Some equip them out with rugs, chairs a coffee table, creating a great space for taking breakfast during the summer. Other clients use the structure as a potting shed to grow plants.
With bespoke designs we can adapt a summerhouse to suit your own requirements.

Our summerhouses come with 3×2 framing and 13mm matchboard (untreated), up to two windows and heavy duty felt.
We can design and build these beautiful out buildings to suit your needs.

Apex, Pent, Georgian, Corner Summerhouse, Shed & Summerhouse Combination, Loglap Cladding, Veranda.....?

so many choices....lets take a closer look
Small Georgian
Georgian windows with a 2 foot veranda


Summerhouse / Shed
Pre wood treatment
Pent Summerhouse with a Loglap finish
Georgian windows with a 2 foot veranda
Summerhouse / Shed
Corner summerhouse
Pre treatment loglap summerhouse
Extra wide summerhouse
Deluxe Corner Summerhouse / hot tub area
Pent summerhouse with opening windows
Corner summerhouse

These are examples of some of our work to give you an idea of what we can build for you. As long as your idea is structurally sound, we can build your summerhouse to your specifications……..”you dream it, we’ll build it”.

A 16ft x 10ft version of this summerhouse / shed combination would cost £4880.00, delivered, installed and treated.

"I got a fantastic summerhouse from here and its brilliant"

Sally Merriman
Summerhouse / Gazebo, 2020

Summerhouse Prices

All prices include delivery (within a 15 mile radius), installation (as per our Ts&Cs), double doors with half glass and two half height windows.

There are upgrade options such as verandas and overhang features available here.

As some of our customers prefer to treat the wood themselves our wood is untreated. We can treat the wood for you for a small charge if required

8ft x 5ft – £2000.00

8ft x 6ft – £2050.00

8ft x 7ft – £2099.00

8ft x 8ft – £2200.00

10ft x 6ft – £2350.00

10ft x 7ft – £2350.00

10ft x 8ft – £2625.00

12ft x 8ft – £3125.00

12ft x 10ft – £3600.00

12ft x 12ft – £4400.00

13ft x 8ft – £3400.00

13ft x 10ft – £3900.00

14ft x 8ft – £4100.00

14ft x 10ft – £4400.00

16ft x 10ft – £4750.00

Corner Summerhouses

7ft x 7ft – £2416.00

8ft x 8ft – £2792.00

10ft x 10ft – £3748.00

Other sizes available

Other size prices available upon request


Tongue & Groove, Shiplap or Loglap?

We do 3 types of cladding (the way that the panels look). The most popular one is our 13mm Tongue and Groove effect shown on most of the images on this page.

We also do cladding known as Shiplap which gives each slat a shoulder at the top of the run.

The third option is Loglap which gives the old classic log cabin look.



Verandas & Windows

A veranda is a really affordable option to both extend and add to the visual experience of your summerhouse. Opening windows and full length double glazed windows are other options to consider.


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