Our sheds can improve your garden by providing a common place for storage and help reduce clutter.
Even if your garden is in full bloom with its flowers and greenery, the sight of unused bags or tools can be a source of distraction to the area. Our sheds are made to your requirements with quality timber and fittings.

Our sheds come with 2″x 2″ wall framing, a heavy duty 3″x 2″ roof frame and 13mm matchboard (untreated), up to two windows and heavy duty felt

Designed to be both functional & easy on the eye

Apex or Pent?

lets take a closer look

Apex sheds

The apex roof style shed is the more traditional shaped shed with two angled roof panels coming to a point at the top. This style shed offers maximum headroom.
Your apex shed will come with up to two windows within the price and positioned where you wish.
Although the door would normally be placed at the narrow end of an apex shed, we can site on a side panel too.
Your apex roofed shed is not only bespoke in cosmetic terms, but also in dimensions which means it will fit in the space that you have available.

Pent sheds

The pent roofed shed has a sloping effect from front to back or vice versa if desired. This style is a flexible design in small spaces which maybe have overhanging trees or structures around.
As with the apex shed, your pent shed will come with up to two windows within the price and positioned where you wish.
Big or small....the pent style shed can fit into most tight spaces.
Although the door would normally be placed at the narrow end, we can site on a side panel too. Double doors are an option too.

A 6ft x 4ft version of this shed would cost £833.00, delivered, installed and with optional wood treatment.

"A well priced shed and very pleased with the finish.While chatting to them you can see that they are customer focused"

Ant Townshend
Pent Shed, 2020

Shed Prices

All prices include delivery (within a 15 mile radius), installation, single door and up two 2 windows.

There are upgrade options available here.

As some of our customers prefer to treat the wood themselves, our wood is untreated. We can treat the wood for you for between £50.00 and £60.00, dependant on the shed size.

4ft x 3ft – £534.00

5ft x 3ft – £580.00

6ft x 3ft – £784.00

6ft x 4ft – £833.00

6ft x 5ft – £871.00

6ft x 6ft – £951.00

7ft x 3ft – £864.00

7ft x 4ft – £951.00

7ft x 5ft – £951.00

7ft x 7ft – £1100.00

8ft x 4ft – £967.00

8ft x 5ft – £1000.00

8ft x 6ft – £1095.00

8ft x 7ft – £1275.00

8ft x 8ft – £1325.00

9ft x 5ft – £1150.00

9ft x 6ft – £1220.00

10ft x 6ft – £1332.00

10ft x 8ft – £1553.00

10ft x 10ft – £2052.00

12ft x 6ft – £1826.00

12ft x 8ft – £1825.00

12ft x 10ft – £2475.00

12ft x 12ft – £2600.00

14ft x 6ft  – £2153.00

14ft x 8ft – £2541.00

14ft x 10ft – £2869.00

16ft x 6ft – £2411.00

Other size prices available upon request

Additional Features

Shed Extras

All our shed prices include a single door with 2 turn button latches and 2 non opening windows. Other features can be added.


Double doors £60.00

Stable doors £50.00
Extra single door £50.00


Additional non opening windows £27.50

Additional opening windows £45.00


Hasp & Staple £5.00

Key Lock £25.00
Key Lock Upgrade (single doors only)£70.00

Full Security Upgrade £100.00

Extra height

6 inches extra height on sheds up to 8ft x 8ft is £50.00 and £70.00 per 6 inches on sheds of 8ft x 9ft upwards


Give your shed the classic log cabin look for a further 30% of the standard listed purchase price


Tongue & Groove, Shiplap or Loglap?

We do 3 types of cladding (the way that the panels look). The most popular one is our 13mm Tongue and Groove effect shown on most of the images on this page.

We also do cladding known as Shiplap which gives each slat a shoulder at the top of the run.

The third option is Loglap which gives the old classic log cabin look.



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