Other Builds

We’re not just about sheds and summerhouses. We can build gazebos, bar sheds, log stores, bike sheds, decking, outside office spaces, outside gymnasiums, gates……….if it’s a quality wooden construction that you require, we’ll build it.

Our decking has become very popular through it’s sturdy construction qualities, including our 3 way support strut system under the deck that gives the decking long term structural integrity.

Bar sheds, decking, planters, dog kennels, gyms, offices.....

All prices available upon request

We love a challenge! If your wish is for something bespoke to enhance your garden, then as long as your design is structurally sound, we can help.

As with all our products, longevity is paramount in our minds. Occasionally we’ll get asked to construct an albeit aesthetically pleasing structure but the structural integrity may be compromised by the design. We’ll happily suggest alternatives and help with your build, but structural integrity will always take precedence, which in turn gives our customers peace of mind.

Bar Sheds

These bespoke build are proving popular during lockdown

Party Time!

Serving hatches and shelving custom made to your design and dimensions.

A work in progress!

Pre treated and waiting to sit  nicely in any garden.

Planters and coal bunkers

Bike sheds and dog kennels

Decking and gates

Gazebos and log stores

take a closer look....

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We’re always happy to advise and help you with your choice